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Why should I join?

The FWFSA is the only employee Association in the Nation providing a voice for federal wildland firefighters in an effort to improve pay, benefits & working conditions for its members.

Membership provides the revenue necessary for the Association to advocate on behalf of its members in the Halls of congress and a variety of governmental agencies; all of which have the capacity to effect positive change for federal wildland firefighters.

Membership provides federal wildland firefighters the opportunity to be as proactive as they desire at the local and national level through coordinated grassroots & high level professional lobbying efforts which includes providing members with the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. to exercise their voice before congress and representatives of federal agencies.

Becoming a member assures you the opportunity to identify the issues that become the legislative agenda of the Association. Adding your voice to those of others across the country ensures the collective voice of the Association is heard loud & clear in Washington D.C. by those in a position to effect positive change for our members.

Where do my dues go?

The task of educating congress on the issues affecting federal wildland firefighters and transforming that education into support & action on those issues takes a staggering amount of time, effort, expertise, experience and of course, money. Your dues, $10.00 per pay period, are used in a variety of ways which allows the Association to compete for the time & support of those in congress while providing our members with a “personal touch” when it comes to keeping its members informed.

Revenue from dues is used for travel to Washington D.C. at appropriate times of the year, not only for FWFSA leadership, but for members interested in becoming intimately involved in the advocacy process.

Revenue is also used to provide items to our members which the Association encourages the use of in the work place whether it be shirts, pens, decals etc. In addition, dues revenue is used for the purpose of keeping our members not only aware of what is going on with respect to the issues they face and the status of legislative proposals, but allows for communication between members on day to day issues and those the Association might want to address that are not necessarily part of the agreed upon agenda.

How can I pay my dues?

We are extremely pleased to have initiated the process of modernizing our web site in order to better serve our members and those considering membership. This site allows you the option of paying membership in full or monthly via PayPal or your bank or credit institution.

Follow the directions on the FWFSA Signup Page.

How do I become proactive locally/nationally?

When you apply for membership, our Business Manager will contact you personally not only to welcome you but assess your level of participation in the advocacy process. Some members simply support the effort through their dues, others prefer to become more politically active at the congressional district level or by traveling with the FWFSA to Washington D.C. The important thing to remember is the Association provides you with a coordinated, professional avenue in which to make your voice heard.

To become a member of the only organization in the Nation working with & for you, click on apply now. This will take you to our on-line application which can be completed and submitted electronically.

Once the application is submitted, you will be directed to the “select method of payment” where you can choose to pay monthly or in full.

Once the application is received and the applicant’s name appears on our records, the FWFSA will send you a membership card, decals, lapel pin, pens, note pads and other items we encourage you to use at the workplace.

It is the responsibility of the Association leadership and all its members to reach out to potential new members and educate them on the importance of membership. To that end, the FWFSA will make brochures available to those members who enjoy recruiting new members to the Association.

We want to earn your membership. We want you to be informed and educated on what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Therefore, if at anytime you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact the director in your area as identified in the organizational chart, or contact Business Manager Casey Judd at 208-775-4577 or via the Contact page.